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Funkometry   /fʌŋkɒmətri/   noun.

1. The scientific measurement of the amount of funkiness contained in an acoustic signal.  2. A band made of funkometricians.

Adam Cripps — Bass

Roger Gillies — Keyboard

Dan Halen — Guitar

Keith Todd — Trombone

Michel Vallières — Drums


Music sample

Live @ Sourdough Rendezvous; excerpts  (2019-02-22)

Demo recording  (2018-11-08)

Live @ The Legion; excerpts  (2018-09-29)

Hot Damn

Five Alarm Funk

Sing Sing Sing

Louis Prima (Arr. M. Vallières)

Battle Without Honor or Humanity


Zoot Suit Riot

S. Perry (Arr. M. Vallières)

Blue Nile

Analog Son

Daddy He Got a Tesla


Funky Friday

K. Todd

Sweet Georgia Brown

B. Bernie & M. Pinkard (Arr. Funkometry)

Pass the Peas

The JB's


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